We have several gas detection sensors for the installations that offer quality and reliablity for installation areas that need a stand alone gas sensor at at affordable price. Theses sensors offer particular excellent results in the refrigeration industry.

Several options are available with 1- 6 sensors being connected to a controller. The controller can be monitored by our SMS/GPRS module and offers visual and audible verfication. All have realys to further enhance it adaptorbility into Scada systems for plant stopage or triggering sirens for health and safety purposes.


These units are the best in state of the art in gas detection and offers a full wide range of diffrent gas detection.

The units can be utlised as standalone units or be incorporated into controls and building management systems with a wide range of options avialable. 

MGS range is highly specification unit that come at a competitive price range in the industry . Not only does MGS offer full confidence in the purchase but also the reassurance that it meets all safety and compliance standards.


This product compliments the range with introduction of the INFARED Unit that also intergrates into building management systems as well as controllers. Its stand alone feature  or mulitpul units uses both anolog and digital modus interfaces and can be easily added to the control with upto 16 channels avaible.

The accurate detection and exact measurement of gases at very low levels makes this unit ideal for implementation in high risk areas within any site.

Extened sensor life of 8-10 years also makes this the most cost effect unit available.