Alarm communication and plant automation. A single unit provides alarm signalling as well as simple plant automation in one unit.

Full extended data reporting. Connects to the panel via the telephone interface and reports full Contact ID.

Dual SIM-redundancy on MTN and Vodacom. The system roams from one service provider to another in the event of a GSM network outage or any other technical difficulty. Chip SIMs are available for certain services.

Remote plant automation. Two onboard relays allow a valve to be opened, a light to be switched on etc.

Remote programming and firmware updates. Program transmitter units remotely using a software application. Update firmware remotely.

Download transmitter event logs. Download unit event logs without having to go to the site. The unit buffers up to 100 events.

Fixed monthly cost. All activations are sent via GPRS, saving the typical call costs incurred with telephone monitoring.

SAIDSA dual communication specifications. Ideal when installed in conjunction with a RDC VHF transmitter to comply with SAIDSA specifications.

Reduce VHF radio congestion. The GPRS transmitter is ideal for sending open up / close up signals which can congest conventional radio networks.


Monitor and report via SMS

Up to 4 reporting numbers can receive SMS’s from the unit

User definable SMS messages for hardwired inputs

Reports full Contact ID from an alarm control panel with user definable SMS message options

Reports mains failure/restore and low battery

Low battery unit shut down with SMS notification

User configured auto-test reporting

Control onboard relays remotely

Activate relays by SMS, missed call or timer

Switch on, switch off, pulse or toggle the relays

Control relays with missed calls

Up to 500 different cell numbers can be programmed to control the relays by missed call

Optional confirmation SMS’s on execution

Special access rules can limit relay control to a limited number of calls, time windows and days of the week

Useful for opening valves and vents for plant rooms and operations and generally carries no call costs

Control relays with onboard timers

The device can act as a timer unit independent of GSM

Up to sixteen timers can be configured to control the relays

Timers can be set to operate on certain days of the week

Ideal for turning fans and valves on and off automatically.